Second Annual International Nurses Day Seminar and Awards

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Friday, May 11, 2018


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We’re proud to partner with great organizations including the ANCC

Hello Nurse Friends!

Welcome to Nurses with a Global Impact!  This site is for YOU!

So many nurse friends, and others, have asked me, “How did you learn about that opportunity in Bosnia?,  What made you go to Haiti? How can I get involved in helping after a disaster?”  Many aren’t sure where to look, let alone if they could even do a mission trip.  My reply is always, ”you’ll never know until you try!”

Nurses With Global ImpactThis website will ‘feature’ awesome nurses who do awesome things—usually outside their traditional jobs and roles back home.  It may be local, or it may be half way around the world.  What is constant is ALL the nurses have a huge caring, compassionate heart wherever they are working in whatever capacity.  It is a selfless love when nurses care for people –- wherever they are –- in a trauma center, on a highway, teaching in a tent, in a war zone, after a disaster—-often stating they got back far more than they gave!

Hopefully, you will be inspired at the stories and people you see through this site.  Feel free to browse deeper to the links provided to other wonderful organizations that I, and many, have worked and/or been teamed up with.  Let us know if you think we need to add someone.

Most of all, feel good about being a nurse!  You are special—and it’s OK to be called an Angel!  You often are the last person someone sees and hears here on this earth.  Your role and work should never be underestimated—but rather celebrated—and highlighted!!  Which is exactly what I plan to do.

Have a great story?  Share it.  Have an incredible, unbelievably touching moment? Tell us.  Have pictures that words can never describe? Send them.  Let’s share all the joys and wonder of being a nurse with one another and the world!

Bored?  As a nurse—NEVER!!!  Come and see why….

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


Here’s a video taken days following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, showing the physical and mental anguish experienced by all!

Night Nurses Making a Difference

Many people are afraid of the dark. I think that is because it is hard to see what lurks in the shadows. My belief is that some people are afraid of the quiet that comes with the night. No hustle and bustle to distract us from reality. Being a night nurse, I have...

How To Love a Nurse

A friend of mine shared this short note on Facebook, and it surely resonated with me! I'm sharing it here, on our blog, and Facebook page. We get it Maureen, and we love you and all the nurses who serve their patients, help out their colleagues, and balance work and...

RAD-AID International Nursing Program

Message from our friends from the RAD-AID International Nursing Program Dear Colleagues, I hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying the beginning of the summer season. RAD-AID continues to develop and grow globally with programs now in 23 countries and 58...

Videos: International Nurse’s Day at the United Nations 2017

Please enjoy these videos from the inaugural "International Nurse's Day at the United Nations 2017" event on May 12th. With the incredible support of great organizations like RAD-AID International, the LIG Global Foundation, as well as Philips, the Nurses With Global...