Please note: We are thrilled the first annual International Nurses Day at the UN is completely filled! For those who could not attend but would still like to participate, you can join via livestream webcast – simply click on the link provided below.

With the incredible support of great organizations like RAD-AID, the Life Is Great Global Foundation, as well as Philips, the Nurses With Global Impact team and I are thrilled to announce the first of many annual gatherings of inspiring nurses making a difference is so many peoples’ lives.

On May 12, which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, and the annual date of International Nurses Day, which is part of International Nurses Week celebrated around the globe, we will gather in the iconic UN Delegates Dining Room, overlooking the East River in New York City, from 10 AM – 2:15 PM.

Our theme this year is “nurses front line roles in tomorrow’s global health delivery.” Thirteen nurses will be honored (we will be publishing individual profiles of each on this blog over the next few weeks) and we will hear from two extraordinary global health innovators and speakers: Dr. Emani Sadural, LIG Global Founder and Director of Global Health at RWJBamabas Health, our keynote speaker, and Dr. Daniel J. Mollura, CEO of  RAD-AID who will be speaking on “The  Future: High Technology Global Health and Medical Airships.”

Seating is limited, even though we were able to double the size of the event based on early interest.

Instructions for attendees: Registrants should enter the United Nations through the 1st Avenue and 46th Street Security Entrance. We will have someone with a list of names at the front entrance to check-in (Probably with a sign that says “International Nurses Day Event) and everyone needs a government issued ID on them. They should print out a copy of the flyer (I will attach again) and bring it with them.

Once inside the UN, they should proceed to the main elevators and go up to the 4th floor to the Delegates Dining Room. Directions are clear from there as they have arrived in the correct place!

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