About Nurses with Global Impact

NWGIThis is a site dedicated to NURSES. The site will feature a variety of nurses in a variety of different roles. Hopefully, this site will provide inspiration to those considering a career in nursing and appreciation to those who continue in the field – offering their skills in a myriad of ways. This site is also a resource for those interested in trying new endeavors.

Who Are We?

NWGIWe are nurses in hospitals, in clinics, in missions, in the U.S, and abroad. We are in third world countries with limited resources, we are in the most technologically advanced centers in the world. We are research labs, we are in radiology and other specialty services, we are in women’s health caring for mothers, children and the aged. We are in med flights, war zones, rescuing refugees and treating victims of trafficking, caring for company’s employees, veterans, and working alongside firefighters and police personnel. We are at disaster sites, prisons, schools, political forums, community events and right in people’s homes. We help write and create policies and we change policies. We educate. Nurses are everywhere – and needed everywhere!